Add-ons for desktop apps

If you have developed an add-on to complement a desktop application, there are two ways you can install the add-on:

  • Direct the user to install the add-on from the web, either from (AMO) or your own site.
  • Sideloading via standard extension folders or the Windows registry.

Of these options, directing the user to install from AMO is recommended. The reasons for recommending this option are:

  • It avoids any issues with the installation process; the user will not get an interstitial messages during the installation of the add-on, find the add-on installed but disabled, or find that the add-on was not installed.
  • If you update the add-on, the new version will be automatically installed.

By contrast, sideloading using the standard extension folders or Windows registry will require your desktop app to install any update to the add-on. As noted in these articles, these methods are deprecated and won’t work in future versions of Firefox.