Enable creative expression with themes

You can use themes to customize how your browser looks by adding images and adjusting the color of various components.

How to create themes


There are four ways you can create themes:

  • Use the AMO theme generator: Use the theme wizard on addons.mozilla.org (AMO) to create themes that are hosted on AMO or that you distribute yourself.

  • Use Firefox Color: Create on-the-fly themes in Firefox. You can generate a URL to share the theme or export the theme as an add-on package.

  • Code a theme yourself: Take advantage of all the theme features available. For instance, add color to more UI components, or utilize the ability to use multiple images. You can then choose to host these themes on AMO or distribute them yourself.

  • Include themes in your extension: Use the theme API to take advantage of the full range of features in standalone themes. You can activate these themes based on user requests or dynamic information, like the time of day or the webpage the user is viewing.